Monday, June 21, 2010

Apologies for my absence....

Since I only have one follower to date, I will make my excuses brief. Every opportunity that I have had, I have been escaping. Escaping from what, you may ask... my beautiful girls, my wonderful husband? No. From the unremarkable path I have chosen.

Prior to my current situation, I traveled the world and impressed people with stories of my adventures and the skills I possessed. Now, I try to keep the house clean (which I have had NO success with), keep my girls healthy and happy, and to survive each day. My poor husband is along for the ride. I haven't slept more than 3 hours in a row but once in about 14 months and it's taken its toll on me I have to admit.

My escape has been TV and occasionally a fantastic book. Something to look forward to when the angels lay their little heads down to slumber. I hate television and I've never understood the people who watched the popular shows with religious fervor. Now I am one of them. I watched 5 episodes of Gray's Anatomy today (they were DVRd of course!) and I feel like a pathetic loser. But there is something nice about escaping into someone else's perception of the world and living even a little bit vicariously through said show.

HOWEVER, I watched my little girl enjoy a chocolate cupcake today with blue frosting and yellow goldfish on it (all natural from Whole Foods of course!) and she was happy. And you know what, I was happy. Her sweet little smile and the innocence of her pale little face surrounded by the cutest blond curls, made me smile. My life is anything but mundane! I created two beautiful children (my hubby helped a little) and I get to watch them discover the world each and every day. There is an escape right in front of me and I plan to try and see the world through their eyes every day I can.