Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Happy" New Year?

It's almost official. 2011 has slipped by and 2012 will arrive in 15 minutes exceptionally uneventfully for me. The good news, however, is that the kids are asleep, I have a warm cup of Yogi Bedtime tea that I'm sipping, and I will be able to see the fireworks from my house at midnight.

It's interesting how one's concept of a successful New Year's Eve changes as we get older. Well, at least it does for some of us. It started for me very simply: "if I sneak out of my bedroom and make my presence known, will my parents let me stay up until midnight?" Then it became, how many friends did I have sleeping over on New Year's Eve and would they think it was lame that my parents were wearing hats and blowing horns (I still cherish the fact that they did!) And of course,it seems not to long ago, the less I remembered, the better it was.

Today, I am content. My husband has to work early in the morning, so we are in. However, my girls got dressed up in their finest party wear (Hanna Andersson's Semi-annual sale!!! Gotta love $90+ dresses for $20!!), bedazzled themselves in their jewels, wore their New Years tiaras, and pushed their baby dolls in strollers over to an early party. It was an intimate gathering. The conversation was lively, everyone was in a great mood, including the kids and we had a really nice time.

Later, after a little nap for Daddy and the two year old, we went to see the 6PM fireworks that Philadelphia puts on. I used to mock the city for having fireworks on New Year's Eve at such a ridiculous time. But now, I have to say, "I GET IT!!" The music was a bit loud down on by the river, but it wasn't crowded, something I truly appreciate about Philadelphia, and the girls loved it as they tooted their little horns!

I'm content, I'm happy, and I hope I'm ready for all of the challenges the New Year presents. It's two minutes until midnight. I must warm my cup and prepare for the light show. Or... maybe, I'll just go to bed. :-)


Thursday, December 1, 2011

IDEA TUESDAY (okay, it's Friday... it's a mom thing, right???!!)

Well, I haven't posted in a LONG time. Sue me. My kids are exhausting. My husband's job and degree work are a drain... HOWEVER...!! I got rid of cable!! How freeing! Now I have time for everything... LOL...

Anyway, when both of my daughters were one they were infatuated with lids. They would sit and take them off... and then put them back on. Take them off.... and then put them back on.... and on and on. If your kids do this too, I'm sure like me, the vast array of lids and containers scattered throughout the house drove you crazy. And OF COURSE, lids were always lost. So what did I do??? I attached the lids. It's SO simple and yet such an elusive idea.

Here is a picture of one I did.
I simply put a small hole in the container (we call these "squishy things" for lack of a better name), attached a small length of yarn, and tied it around the lid.

This entertained, and still does when they come across it, my daughters for many hours. It's great in a car ride too, until one drops it of course! :-)

Books your Toddler and Preschooler will LOVE!!!

My daughters are 2, (almost 1/2) and just 4. Here are some books that they love and that I enjoy reading:

1. Boo Hoo Bird, by Jeremy Tankard---
I bought this book on a whim without looking at it too much and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly my daughters fell in love with it! The story is simple, a bird gets "bonked" on the head with a ball and all of his animal friends try to make him feel better. They try bandaids, cookies, and kisses, and nothing seems to work until.... I don't want to spoil the ending.
The illustrations are entertaining. Most importantly, I ENJOY reading this one!!!!!

2. Making the Moose out of Life by Nicholas Oldland --
Again, I bought this book on a whim at the same time as Boo Hoo Bird. The story is adorable and hits home with me, a middle aged mother of two! Here's the gist: our hero, the Moose, does not partake of all the great opportunities that life has to offer and he is not sure what life is all about. However, one day, after getting bonked on the head by a golf ball (do you detect a theme?) he gets on a sailboat and is stranded on a desserted island where he meets a turtle named Tuesday and learns more about enjoying life. My girls LOVED this book and honestly, so did I! BOOKS NOT TO AVOID!!! 1) Martha Speaks I bought this book last year for my 3 year old and 2 year old after returning from vacation. We had gone to Martha's Vineyard and each one of them brought back a little black dog; of course, their names were Martha. Hence, I thought the book would be cute. STOP RIGHT THERE. Lesson learned: read the book first. Aside from the use of the word "shut up," which I think is atrocious to begin with, there is a cat burglar in the book. My girls have been obsessed with cat burglars since! "Mommy, where do cat burglars live?" "Mommy, what do cat burglars do?" "Mommy, what do they steal?" Arrrrgh!! Avoid the headache and steer clear until they are much older!!!!