Thursday, December 1, 2011

IDEA TUESDAY (okay, it's Friday... it's a mom thing, right???!!)

Well, I haven't posted in a LONG time. Sue me. My kids are exhausting. My husband's job and degree work are a drain... HOWEVER...!! I got rid of cable!! How freeing! Now I have time for everything... LOL...

Anyway, when both of my daughters were one they were infatuated with lids. They would sit and take them off... and then put them back on. Take them off.... and then put them back on.... and on and on. If your kids do this too, I'm sure like me, the vast array of lids and containers scattered throughout the house drove you crazy. And OF COURSE, lids were always lost. So what did I do??? I attached the lids. It's SO simple and yet such an elusive idea.

Here is a picture of one I did.
I simply put a small hole in the container (we call these "squishy things" for lack of a better name), attached a small length of yarn, and tied it around the lid.

This entertained, and still does when they come across it, my daughters for many hours. It's great in a car ride too, until one drops it of course! :-)

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