Thursday, January 7, 2010

More than one....

Okay, maybe Forrest Gump's Mama said it first, but your kids are like a box of chocolates... I love them all, but the dark chocolate... well, I like those better, but I'll eat the milk chocolate too. And then there are the fillings.... caramel, they're okay, but give me something fudgey on the inside and I'm in heaven. But then of course, the chocolate I like can depend on my mood as well. Some days I'm happy to have a caramel filling and other days, I'm happy with something a little bit more exotic.

I love both of my girls. They are definitely dark chocolate for me, but I have to be honest... I love one just a little bit more. They are both wonderful and totally different, but if I had to pick a favorite, one of them definitely lightens my heart a little bit more. Does that make me a bad mom or just human?

Why is it I feel this way? Is it a personality thing? Maybe their ages and what I hope are temporary temperaments. I think that this truly has to be it. After all, there are some days I feel like hanging out with a particular friend and other days I'd prefer someone else. Some days I realize that my husband is amazing, but other days the sight of him makes me cringe. (Sorry honey! These are very rare!)

I'm an only child, so I never had to contend with a sibling, nor can I ask my mom if I was her favorite. She was stuck with me!! Poor woman. I've never asked the question of parents. I never wanted them to have to admit what I'm telling you, but I wonder if more people out there feel the same way.

Can you tell? One of my girls is being an angel today and one is being a royal pain in the tush!!

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