Sunday, December 27, 2009

Starbucks Saves the Day

My hubby came home yesterday, napped and had to leave again today. I'm just loving the holidays!!! At least today was a relatively beautiful day, so I packed the girls up and headed out!!! Destination, Starbucks! If the baby is not going to sleep while I'm staying away from caffeine, I might as well indulge at least one of my vices!!

And oh, the joy!!! Just to hold the warm cup with anticipation felt great! It is amazing what a little caffeine will do for one's mood!! Temper tantrum while leaving the playground... nothing to worry about, the poor darling is just tired. Husband is gone.... well someone has to make the money!! Baby won't sleep... Heck, I'll sleep when she goes off to college (or will i????!!).

Thank you Starbucks and your gingerbread latte!! ( I actually didn't care for the fake gingerbread taste, but I still gulped it down VERY quickly!!!! )

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