Friday, December 25, 2009

Bed Time Joys

Prior to having my children, I based all my knowledge of motherhood on what I saw on television or in the movies. Bedtime is always portrayed as a beautiful conclusion to a day. The parent gazes lovingly at their child as she falls asleep like a little angel. These are the lies Hollywood portrays in order to get the general public to reproduce.

Bedtime for me is a joyous occasion because I get to dump the kids into bed and have a few moments of mommy-time before I commence with the daily clean up. I watch the clock from the end of nap time, counting the hours until bedtime. And then, when it is time to begin the journey upstairs that will result in my downtime, I am joyous!! My oldest daughter must pick up on my excitement because she always seems a little spastic during our bedtime ritual.

First, I plop her in the bathtub wondering how short I can make the experience without any whining. And then I quickly dress her for bedtime and have her pick out two books. (It used to be three, but somehow she has not noticed that one has gone by the wayside!) And then quickly into bed, covers, music, a pat on the back and I am out the door quicker than she can say, "mommy!" I am not really heartless; I'm just tired. On nights when my husband is home, I don't rush as much; I let her relax a bit. But there is nothing like the feeling of closing her door knowing I should have a little bit of time to myself. That is, if the baby will cooperate!!! Can someone please explain to my baby that it is poor baby etiquette to wake up every single hour??!?!?

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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